Sunday, April 29, 2012

Favorite Cloth Diapers

It's official. I've gone cloth.
My son is 16 weeks old and I've tried quite a few.

(#1) BumGenius Elementals - At first, I hated these. But after I had more than one and was able to wait 2 days for them to dry without runing out of diapers, they became my favorite. I actually started throwing them in the dryer for 100 minutes on high heat so they would dry in 24 additional dryers on my drying rack. They're trim. They work well during the day and overnight. I love throwing these in my diaper bag because there is minimal effort required to put them on correctly or take them off and throw them in the diaper bag. I don't have to take anything apart or assemble anything. Granted, I did add a fleece lining to the top layer so PJ won't feel the wet diaper on his skin. I own seven of these.

(#2) Blueberry Deluxe Hook/Loop - I own one of these. I got it for $19.95 on Thus far, it's very absorbent. It's my only velcro diaper. I prefer snaps, but I wanted to try something different while building up my supply. PJ lasted in it overnight just fine. He went 8 hours without needing a change. (He rarely poops at night). When changing, the part that touches him was still dry. The stuffer was soaked. Impressive. I'm not a fan of their snap diapers-- even as someone who loves snaps. This is the only diaper C will use. I have two of the Hook and Loops, and one of the snaps. Once they break, I probably won't replace. I hate how the velcro always comes undone and sticks to everything else. C will need to master the snap! I own three of these.

(#3) BumGenius Freetime - I really like these. They're great for overnight. A tad less bulky than the 4.0s. It's nice to not have the need to put something together. I have the snap version. They dry quickly on my drying rack. I own seven of these.

(#4) BumGenius 4.0 - I own one of these in Twilight. LOVE it. PJ can last all night long without needing a diaper change. It's a little boxy... But that also seems to keep him from waking himself up at night. When he had an explosive amount of poo for a disposable, it didn't explode out of this diaper. It actually got a little close to his leg, but that was all. Disposables seem to soak up more poo moisture and stick to his bottom. I felt that I was wiping his bottom a bit to get all of the poop off. I own 10 of these.

(#5) Sunbaby - I really like these. They don't last long.... PJ pees right through them pretty fast. But I love the fit. They have an extra snap for his legs so the hip snap isn't pretending to adjust the leg holes. I still like my BGs more, but the price or sunbabies was great. Thus, I used Sunbaby diapers to complete my stash. I own 13 of these.

(#6) Mother-Ease Sandy's Cloth Diaper - Bamboo - This is my first fitted diaper. I really liked it. It didn't fit so well under the covers I own. It made my baby have a super bulky bottom. But, while I'm hope, I used a hemp doubler and a flece liner. This was bulletproof. PJ can nap for 2 hours without leaking with that particular setup. I like knowing that he can breath through the diaper. It's also unbelievably soft. At 3 months and 13lbs, he fits the small size very well. I plan to get larges soon. I have one in rotation.

(#7) Kissaluvs Fitteds v2.0 - After hating prefolds-- I decided to give fitteds a try. I have two of these in my rotation. They're not as soft or as absorbant as Sandy's. They fit inside my diaper covers a little better, as they're a tad more trim. I like them for naps with my hemp doubler and a flece liner. I like that I can put them in the dryer and they're dry with everything else. (My Sandy's and BGE's need extra time to dry completely). I have two of these in rotation.

(#8) Flip - I feel like I will like these more when PJ gets older. Right now, his poo is runny. If he poops, the cover goes in the wash. I'm not going to hand wash it with a wipe. When he pees, I can use the cover quite a few times. I don't like the microfiber inserts right now because PJ is too small. He's on the smallest setting. I can fold the insert as per the directions, but it makes the diaper bulky. The insert doesn't seem to stay in place well. I don't like the organic ones for the smae reason. I tried using a snapie on the organic inserts because they're like trifolds, less the puffy center. They just made them bulky... and made PJ cry. I haven't sold them because I genuinely think this is an awesome concept and will get better as PJ grows.. or when his poo goes solid. I own way too many of these. I was expecting love at first site. I probably only needed 3 covers. I have way too many.