Monday, July 1, 2013

Nap Time, Established? Could it be??

Right now, I'm sitting here stunned. I have time to type?? I rushed through dinner prep and still had time? I cleaned the counters? I swept the floor?? No crying? My ears are still working and I hear the sound machine over the monitor. I've snuck into the room a few times to make sure everyone was breathing-- and did a fast back-tip when I heard stirring.

That's right. All three. The 19 week old twins and the 1.5 year old-- all down. In the same room. Dreaming to the same lulling swoosh of the sound machine. ::Does little happy dance:: (I can't believe I had time for that).

I decided it was time to put some napping rules into play. Not just for my toddler, but for the little ones too. They get over tired and cranky... and when they're not down before the toddler's nap... they make me feel like I need to be heavily drugged. The twins usually nap around 10 on their own. Kind of. I carry one around until they fall asleep. When they stop jumping every time my toddler yells (multiple times per minute), I can do a fast walk to the room and put them down before the toddler follows and takes them.

Today was special. They woke up late. Around 9/9:30. So at 10, they were up. They were playing with each other in their exersaucers during lunch. Toddler ate happily. Immediately after, the crying began. I took the crankiest and offered food (the boob). She ate a little. And cried. So after the grand burp and a diaper change, I walked around with her telling her it was not the end of the world. She was loved. And we would have many more hours of play. She didn't really believe me but she stopped crying. And I put her down, awake. She wanted to cry and I pacified with her favorite pink one. Then I tucked her in and left the room.

Good thing I did. Toddler was right behind me.

I gave him a glare and pointed back to his play area and mouthed "Go Back". He listened! Great kid. I love him to pieces.

So on the monitor, I've got a screaming child. I have one cranky baby, and an attention-craving toddler. I put on classical music and whip out a few books. I hold the cranky baby, and read to the baby and the toddler (who is now moderately delighted). We all try and get through the crying, which ended during board book 2. I think it was the alphabet.

Cranky baby was getting a little worse. So I fed until feeding was no longer desired. I burped. I changed. I put her down. My little guy followed me before I had time to tell her the world wouldn't end. So I tucked her in really fast and ran out the door before the footsteps got louder. She cried. She woke her sister. They cried. Little guy and I read. They stopped. Score. I was feeling good. Until I realized I was at a crossroad.

They were down... My little guys nap was in about an hour. I could put him down happy, or put him down cranky and screaming in an hour. I read him a few books... and then nap time. Early. He woke everyone up. They all went back to sleep. I got work done.

Why can't this be every day?