Sunday, September 22, 2013

Garage Sale

Our newborns are newborns no more! It's time for a garage sale. But wait... we have no garage.
Sidewalk sale? Craigslist? Facebook? $5 for $100 at a thrift store?

I've been typing up descriptions of items for the longest to send out tomorrow for a local mailing list. I even created an e-mail for selling items and decided on a spot for exchanging our goods. I'm really hoping to get 50% of what we spent so we can move on and purchase new toys for the kiddos to outgrow or break.

My oldest will be starting soccer soon. I'm pretty excited and hope he's all set to play with other kids and make a few friends. Also, I'm pretty eager to get a few photos of him in uniform running around (hopefully smiling).

They're growing so fast. I need more memory cards.