Wednesday, April 24, 2013


A lot has changed! And I am delighted to finally have a few moments to write again! (At 2AM...).

I am no longer cloth diapering. Reading past entries make me smile.. in part because I remember all of the cute diapers and the happy feelings I had when a new package would arrive in the mail. When my son started pooping solids, I tried so hard to stick with cloth. I used dog poop bags to pull of turds after attempting to spray the turd into the toilet (ew, ew, and ew! No sprayer is good enough for that job!). One change to disposable diapers and I knew we were done with cloth, with this guy at least.

A few months later, my husband and I welcomed our twin girls into the family. I was excited to bring back the cloth and save some cash! With three kids under one, my bag of cloth diapers was put in use again for about one hour-- after which, I knew it was time to bag the diapers and help kill the planet. I'm still working on having the time to put my stash up for sale... but they will go! Even if it's a year from now!

I have become a stay-at-home mom. After talking with my one-year old all day and attempting to talk to my two-month olds, I am starting to feel like my communication skills are on the decline. I'm starving for conversation so much that I strike up conversations about anything with anyone who will listen.. The UPS guy, mailman... ... people I run into in aisles at the grocery store ... telemarketers... billers... Anyone really. I had a long conversation with a Customer Service rep about her kids over the phone for a little over a minute before needing to tend to a crying child.

I am breastfeeding this time around, so we are trading in the cost of formula for the cost of diapers.

Speaking of.. Time for another feeding.